Why use a recruiter as opposed to pursuing an opportunity on your own? Aside from our service being free, we also save you a tremendous amount of time. Keep in mind that it is our business to seek out job opportunities day after day.

Once an opportunity is identified, we have another advantage that you normally would not; a direct connection to the hiring authority within a given company.

This means that your résumé gets to a decision maker as opposed to landing in a proverbial stack amongst hundreds of other applicants. Our client-companies know that we are professionals, and therefore any résumé submitted by ExecBase is taken very seriously.

Another benefit is that we are able to follow up regularly to help expedite the résumé-review, interview and overall hiring process. Candidates doing this on their own run the risk of being looked upon negatively by the employer.

Lastly, salary negotiations are best handled by a third party because we eliminate potential discomfort, or loss of respect between an employer and a candidate. We know in advance what the company is willing to pay, and what the candidate is looking for.

This enables us to find common ground that both parties are pleased with.

Our retained and contingency direct-hire placement options each have their own unique advantages depending on your overall needs, and both options are backed by our 90-day replacement guarantee.

  Targeted Recruitment of Exceptional Professionals for Contract, Temp-to-Perm, and Direct-Hire placements since 1999.