Our retained and contingency direct-hire placement options each have their own unique advantages depending on your overall needs, and both options are backed by our 90-day replacement guarantee! Scroll down for the details on ALL of our placement options!

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Our contingency-based fee for direct-hire placements is 20 percent of the candidate’s annual base salary. There is no charge whatsoever unless we find the right candidate for your position, and we do not invoice until the candidate actually begins working for your company. We have had tremendous success with our contingency searches due to our proprietary and streamlined recruiting process, as well as our expansive database of candidates that we have been cultivating since 1999. The chances are excellent that we already have the candidate that you seek in our database, but if not, we know how to find them!

Our retained search option is gaining in popularity among our clients due to its precision and depth, as well as its cost-effectiveness since our fee for retained searches is only 18 percent of the candidate’s annual base salary! We charge less for retained searches because your retainer essentially guarantees us that we are working on a legitimate and exclusive position, so we reciprocate your exclusivity with a lower fee. Additionally, our retained searches consist of a much more comprehensive and ongoing search, resulting in exponentially deeper market penetration. You definitely get more “bang for your buck” with our retained option.

ExecBase contractors necessitate a mark-up of 40 to 60 percent above the temporary staffer’s hourly rate depending on the nature of the position, as well as various payroll and insurance considerations. If a contractor is ultimately hired as a full-time employee (i.e., temp-to-perm) ExecBase will apply any net profits earned during the candidate’s status as a contractor, excluding costs, towards any remaining outstanding balance of the total placement fee of 20 percent of the annual base salary offered/accepted at time of conversion.