There is a distinct advantage to having someone actively seeking out the exact candidates that you need. Advertising alone tends to produce an overwhelming amount of unqualified candidates which you have to spend valuable hours sorting through, only to find that none of the submittals are qualified.

We take that burden off your hands by utilizing our vast resources and skills to pinpoint the candidate(s) that you need.

Most of the candidates that we identify are currently-employed, passive candidates who tend to not have the time to browse through the job boards, nor do they even have a need to!

These candidates are essentially happy where they are, so you need someone in your corner to proactively reach out and show them that there are better options out there for them (i.e., your company!).

This is true-to-form “recruiting” and it takes tremendous skill, persistence, patience, compassion, and a delicate touch; all of which we have mastered.

Our retained and contingency direct-hire placement options each have their own unique advantages depending on your overall needs, and both options are backed by our 90-day replacement guarantee.

  Targeted Recruitment of Exceptional Professionals for Contract, Temp-to-Perm, and Direct-Hire placements since 1999.