It is a common practice for many companies to hire temporary staff (a.k.a., Contractors) in order to meet the needs of a particular project that the company is working on.

Since the company knows that this project will be finished by a certain date, they do not wish to go through the process and paperwork of hiring personnel directly, only to have to let them go six months or a year down the road. Instead, companies prefer to be up-front with candidates by letting them know that their services and talents won’t be needed after a certain point.

This is where Contractors come in very handy.  There are many candidates who prefer working on this basis, and we have a very large network of Contractors ready to go.

This option greatly simplifies things for your company; we take care of all aspects of payroll and related considerations (legalities, insurance, etc.), as well as a streamlined billing and invoicing process.

Our retained and contingency direct-hire placement options each have their own unique advantages depending on your overall needs, and both options are backed by our 90-day replacement guarantee.

  Targeted Recruitment of Exceptional Professionals for Contract, Temp-to-Perm, and Direct-Hire placements since 1999.